Skills Badges


Writing - Level 1

Design relies on visual skills, but communication skills are just as important. Writing enables designers to share their ideas with others in clear, persuasive ways. Master the art of writing, and you will have more people on your side to make projects happen.

You are beginning to put your thoughts into words, explaining the choices you made during the design process. You write clearly, and you avoid major, distracting grammar or spelling errors. You include important details that show how you arrived at your final design.

Good Example:
  • You clearly explain what you observed firsthand, explaining the problems with the current design
  • You explain your design choices, and you follow most conventions of grammar and spelling

Poor Example:
  • Writing does not include any essential information; get back on track!
  • There are lots of factual errors
  • You have not shown a basic understanding of the topic
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Writing - Level 2

Your writing ventures beyond just explaining your design. Instead, you explicitly connect decisions you made in your design to your research. You persuade us that your design solves a problem. You go deeper, illuminating how and why you made your design choices.

Good Example:
  • Your writing is clear and mostly free of errors
  • You make strong connections between different elements of your research
  • Your writing shows the thought process leading to the final design
  • Your writing is persuasive in tone, convincing others that your design solves the problem

Poor Example:
  • Only some essential information is included
  • There are still many factual errors
  • You are only demonstrating a basic understanding of the topic
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Writing - Level 3

Your writing shows plenty of original thought, and you weave a confident, persuasive story about why your design solves the problem. Your writing is almost totally error-free, and your powerful use of language inspires others to get onboard with your design solution.

Good Example:
  • Your writing is strong and clear, with few or no errors
  • Your writing shows a strong viewpoint, drawing upon your research to make a solid case for your design solution by comparing the existing and the ideal scenarios
  • Your writing illuminates the process behind your design choices, showing confidence in the outcome

Poor Example:
  • Some essential information is still missing
  • There are still more than a few errors
  • You have not shown any of the topic’s complexities
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