Overview Instructions

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i want to build a food stand in front of the school so when kids get hungry they can go and buy some food.and for them to relax,eat,hangout with friends and have entertainment in order to bring customers.


Designing buildings or houses could be the most rewarding job because you've got to see your creation. - Marla Ahlgrimm

Collect Instructions

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Gather more information about your existing school by taking photos, sketching, conducting interviews, or doing additional research.

Think About

  • Which location or entrance around your school campus receives the most student foot traffic? 
  • What types of healthy food options are currently available to students?
  • What types of food do you think the new stand needs to accommodate?

Try This

  • Use Google Maps to view and print out an aerial photograph of your school.  Mark the different entrances to your school building on the aerial photograph.  Does your school have separate entrances for students and staff members?
  • Interview the school nurse, a health teacher, or the head cook and ask them their opinions about the types of healthy food currently available at school.  What improvements could be made with a new food stand?
  • Interview several classmates about where they think would be a good location for a new food stand.
  • Walk around the exterior of your school and take photos of possible locations for the new food stand.
  • Research other food vendor stands or carts.  Or search Flickr for "food cart", "street vendor", or "fruit kiosk" images.

zompocalypse's work for the Collect Information step:

Eco friendly and recycle to stay green and maybe a solar paddle to save energy, have healthy chooses of food for the kids to stay healthy or stay in fit,
this is in order to save electricity and make the bills cost least
in order to use less coal and prevent pollution on earth
have it somewhere in front of the school so kids wont be hungry anymore
have the choice to choose any kind of fruit or vegetables
have a nice area and able to store a lot of food in their without being crowded.
have a mini refrigerators to have milk,sodas,water,and many more drinks for the kids to have in a...
have one in the pack to because the bus circle is next to it and for some kids,they didn't...

Brainstorm Instructions

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Develop sketches or models to help you puzzle through new ideas and solutions.

The food stand or cart will need the following types of features

  • signage
  • a place to display food
  • a place for money to be stored securely
  • a place for some types of food to be refrigerated
  • a place for some types of food to be kept warm
  • additional storage space
  • a method for getting electrical power to the cart or stand
  • a method for either moving the cart from one location to another at night, and / or a method for securing and storing its contents when the stand is closed

Try This

  • Identify a location for your new food stand or cart.  Mark this on the aerial photograph.  Will it be located at an entrance near your school's cafeteria, or will it be near a main entrance?  You decide.  
  • Consider the path of the sun around your school building.  You may want to consider how the vendor operating the food stand (and the food they are selling) might be protected from the sun on a hot day.   
  • Using a tape measure and some masking tape, mark out the maximize size for the stand (12 feet long x 4 feet wide) on the floor of your classroom.  Mark the maximum height of the stand (10 feet high) in masking tape along the wall of your classroom.  This full-scale outline will help you understand the size of the object you are trying to design.
  • Make lots of sketches to get your early ideas down on paper.  Learn from each different idea. 
  • Brainstorm a list of special features you’d like the food stand to have. 
  • Consider what materials the stand will be made from.  What materials will be durable against the weather?

zompocalypse's work for the Brainstorm Ideas step:

we well start by building a 10' by 10 food stand with a solar panel on to so we can use the heat as power instead of electricity.we well have a little bank near the corner so we can store are money.in
we well also have a golf cart in order to move the food stand anywhere we want to and to make it...
we well build a storage underneath the table where it can hold up to 600 dollars.
a food display for the kids to see are different types of foods and drinks we have
a food warmer is in order to make are food taste better and keep it from being rot
have a food storage in order to keep the food safe and so that no one will steal it at night.
have weather proof speaker for are kids to hangout and listen to music.it well also bring kids to...
have a couple of tv for are kids to stay and relax

Develop Instructions

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Now's the time to take what you've learned from the steps above and develop your own solution for a new food stand or cart.

Try This

  • If possible, use cardboard or cardstock to build a rough physical study model or prototype of your food stand. You can't really understand the stand's shape until you make a quick study model. Don't worry about making a fancy finished model at this time. Instead, use cardstock, scissors, and tape to quickly create the large 3D form. See how it looks. Break off different sections, add new pieces, and try new ideas. Take photos of your model.
  • Sketch or use software such as Google SketchUp, AutoCAD, or Revit to put your ideas on paper.

zompocalypse's work for the Develop Solutions step:

in order to build a food stand we will use hard plastic and light steel in order to support strength and from using less wood.we will also build a bring trash cans for the kids to be more environment.
we well use steel to hold up the food stand while we put hard plastic for everything else
we will have trash cans i order to clean up the mess from arself or other
have tables near use so that kids can sit down and relax from school and be social with friends.
to cook steak and food for are students ,its also good for are kids who need protein and taste food...

Final Instructions

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Congratulations on developing a final design! Use this step to upload the best drawings, screen captures, photos, etc. of your design. You want to be sure to pick images that show interesting details and help your viewer understand the space. 

For example, make sure you have a few images that help us understand things like where your foodcart is located around the school and what it looks like from the customer's and the sales person's perspective.

Don't forget to get feedback from others in your class or on DiscoverDesign, and teachers and mentors. Feedback is an important step of the design process to help you create the best design for the challenge.

Keep designing!


zompocalypse's work for the Final Design step:

as we open the food stand we will have good deals and great sales for kids to save money.we will also pay are employee 10 bucks an hour so they can pay there bills and such.
we will have good deals for are kids to have a choice and we will try to make things better for are...
we want to be pop out were everyone can see use and make it nice so are kids would love it

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