4) Surrounding Architecture :: Guidance, "A.4 Architectural Design Skills: Ability to effectively use basic formal, organizational and environmental principals and the capacity of each to inform two- and three-dimensional design." - NAAB Student Performance Criteria :: The aim of the Surrounding Architecture category is to exhibit some of the local architectural design that defines Murrieta, California, the city my park is located in. The purpose of this display is to help me design the park in such a way that it is somewhat similar to its immediate environment, yet still achieves a distinct aesthetic, keeping it wholesome. :: Murrieta, California, has a very particular modus operandi when it comes to its respective architectural design. Reddish, orange tiling is very common, along with white and orange exteriors. This use of repeated tiling pays homage to the rudimentary architecture that existed prior to the expansion of Murrieta in 1890, reminiscent of the Mexican villas that were previously established. It’s also very reasonable to use white, because of its light-reflecting properties. Although this current trend in design has a very similar visage to the culturally uncanny Mexican settlements in the 17th-18th centuries, as of late there has been a progression in modernization. This modern manifestation has taken the form of a more, simplified approach towards the aforementioned mode of design. Completed in 2008 and conceptualized by NTD STICHLER, Murrieta Mesa High School has adapted this new transition. Instead of installing usual tiling, NTD opted to alternatively use single planes as sources of shade, thus resulting in a very visually enticing environment (A1). I may or may not choose to integrate this new method of design into my project.