Pocket Park Design: Wilted Lettuce Park | 2015 National High School Architecture Competition

On the corner of 6th and Garces Street in Las Vegas, Nevada there is a completely abandoned lot. In a town like Las Vegas, with sprawling neon lights, the consistent "21 and over" sign riddled across anywhere worth having fun in, and the sound of horns and music blaring through the streets the surrounding community, a mere 15 minutes from the heart of the strip, is in dire need of a quaint release. A place where kids can go have fun, where parents can relax in the cool shade unwinding from the sprawling city life, and teens can keep themselves off the "sin" city streets. A park here can provide a unique experience and perspective, something many in the community are missing in their lives: an appreciation for the environment and a sense of utter tranquility without the help of bartenders and bingo.