Pocket Park Design: Wilted Lettuce Park | 2015 National High School Architecture Competition

While on a quest for inspiration locally, I discovered the hidden gem of my neighborhood. Living in my house for the past four years I never once noticed our very own community garden. Unbeknownst to me, it is a very popular lot for teenagers and older residents alike. When visiting for the first time I already felt the sense of serenity and community the garden was meant to instill. Walking in, I was greeted by a woman named Ruby, giving me a brief rundown of the history of the garden. Ruby's garden has been in effect for almost 20 years! What I liked most about this garden was it wasn't in your face, it wasn't a staple of the neighborhood or something you'd discover without a little detective work. Hidden between two houses you have to look carefully cause you might miss it like I did! Hidden public areas make the experience of going to a garden or a park more impacting and memorable, the feeling of something new to find, a new adventure lurking in every nook and cranny, in every corner, is something I'd love to incorporate into "Wilted Lettuce".