Raywood ash tree is a large tree that provide a wide range of natural shade. Adding the trees in specific location can block out the sun and diminish the tree's intervention from people's activities. Trees alter the climate by the process of transpiration; it releases water moisturizing the air. The moisture release into the air cools the climate. The outdoor air conditioning reduces energy use inside nearby offices or homes. They improve air quality and reduce runoff. It also changes people's response in the community. Trees reduces people's stress levels and fatigue making the community more healthy.The trees can be used as wind screening,so people can play sports without too much wind interrupting their game. The trees can also absorb incoming traffic noises making the park more peaceful. This allows people to spend more time in parks without being disturbed.


Good points! Biophilia does increase productivity and helps lower stress and anxiety due to everyday business and environments we deal with. Trees help with the micro-climate of your site by providing shade to areas where there is too much sun. Although deciduous trees do help provide shade and block views, they are not so beneficial in blocking wind. If you would like to block or minimize wind, use coniferous trees such as evergreens.

I like the fact that you're putting up trees in the park in order to block our the damaging rays of the sun and the noisy traffic. I like this idea very much. I suggest putting trees that require low to medium maintenance.