Using a combination of Prismacolor Markers and Watercolor, I drafted a more in-depth overhead view of the pocket park. I plan to construct a pathway to look similar to a "Treble Clef" musical note; the shape is meant to add a unique curvature and circulation throughout the park. I also plan on implementing several unique amenities, including an Arboretum in the northern part of the park (the back wall), a large mural in the west wall (in which can be changed yearly to promote the Art District's culture), solar-powered lamp posts which can harness sunlight throughout the day, to later be used to light the night time), several bike racks, permanent chess tables and a water wall to create white noise to block out city noises. Aside from that, I considered a central "seating area" located in between the largest patch of grass inside the "Treble Clef" walkway and hydration stations in which people can use to hydrate.


I like the idea of the solar lamp posts. I think that with the amount of heat that we get it would be greatly beneficial to the city. The moss graffiti is also an idea that I think would express the vibe that Las Vegas has towards art.

Your overall design looks very intriguing. I think it will fit in well with the Arts district

If you are going to use wood for the walkways, i might suggest that you make it something that will stand up to the varying weather in Las Vegas, heat and rain can often lead to wood getting warped if it is not sealed properly

I aimed to incorporate a lot of the art culture into the park, and would like for people to have a place to gather and relax when they are shopping or visiting the nearby Art complexes. Thank you, Pumbaa!