I've drawn three different schemes all exploiting the recently established pathway concept. All of these schemes differ in table/gazebo formation, each with their own benefits. I made sure not to disturb the trees that have been previously planted (sustainable design). As I kept drawing more and more schemes, I detected a pattern that was occurring over time: the schemes began to unveil more extra space with each proceeding design. After asking for feedback from my peers they suggested the last scheme is most appropriate, since it is home to much extra space and is aesthetically promising.


I liked how you included several interpretations for your park. The way you played with the pathways, structures, and vegetation worked really well in all of them.

Thank you D Crispy! I wanted to experiment with different manipulations of the park, and examine what each individual layout would provide. By scrutinizing differing layout schemes, I realized how important it is to pre-conceptualize a site, rather than simply imagine a design and instantly build it.

Good job, including the different versions is very important. Focusing so closely on the circulation is a smart move.

Thank you bderoo. Based off what I have read detailing the methods of regulating and predicting flow, circulation remains a large factor. (I apologize for the late response, I needed to take the time to study for my finals)