HISTORY OF POCKET PARKS - In 1889 and 1891, the Brooklyn Society for Parks and Playgrounds and the New York Society for Parks and Playgrounds organized to address the problem of overcrowding from the massive waves of immigration from the past few decades. These organizations rallied for play equipment and land for a playground for mothers and children. Jacob A. Riis, a photographer in the late 19th century known for his works on tenements, rallied that parks and play equipment were a healthy influence on morals and behavior. Most of the early parks in New York, such as Seward Park and McCarren Park, featured boys' and girls' playgrounds, and baseball fields. In recent years, pocket parks have been tailored to meet community needs instead of a one-fit-all. Such innovations include making playground structures to resemble the neighboring landmarks and unorthodox playground ideas. Many pocket parks today include playgrounds, benches, tables, shade, bike corrals, sculptures, etc.(Source: NYC Parks)