This is the final version of the park's floor plan. The shaded structure is added covering both sides of the picnic tables. A restroom was added facing away from the picnic tables. The doors are covered from the gazebo's view providing privacy. Tables are added in the gazebo to make it more inviting. This will encourage people to eat their lunches outside.


I love the whole flow of the park. I also thought it was really smart that the playground is located in such a way that the children could be monitored from most of the site. The outside shade structures permit for large gatherings. The whole flow, purpose, and use of the park was very well thought out. My only concern is how are those with physical impairments (i.e. wheelchairs) able to access some points of the site without having to strain through the grass? For example, do you think it would be appropriate if there should be a walkway connecting the gazebo to the playground/gazebo to the seating areas?
Other than that, what an outstanding job! Definitely one of the more thought out plans.