Pocket Park Design: Wilted Lettuce Park | 2015 National High School Architecture Competition

The Lorenzi Park is a very spacious, varied, welcoming park with a beautiful landscape and all the amenities to ensure a spectacular time for any park-goer. There are gazebos riddled across the park usually hosting group barbecues or parties along with benches scattered around the long frequented footpath twisting and turning throughout the large fields, sprawling playgrounds, and around the geese's main stay; the beautiful fishing lake! In addition to the popular footpaths and frequented gazebos, Lorenzi hosts a plethora of activities with it's 4 baseball fields, 2 basketball courts, fitness course, 3 playgrounds, 10 tennis courts, 15 picnic areas, and large splotches of open space. One of my favorite hidden gems within the park is the tiny cactus garden a bit away from the beaten path. The many small statues and moss-ed over walls give the miniature garden a "hidden oasis" type feel and is an experience sure to be remembered by any who find it. Lorenzi Park's beautifully designed and maintained landscape make for a frequent hosting of community events ranging from fundraisers, concerts, and sometimes even weddings.