The custom built slide allows children and teens to play while their parents could sit down on the benches to watch with care. The walls could protect the park from traffic accidents and makes the park feel safe.


Could be a little more safe, kids tend not to pay attention sometimes and with the swings being hooked on every angle where the slide is located could result in someone getting hurt if the kid is focused on getting on the slide again while another is on the swing, good design it just could be a little safer.

Could put a shade structure over the play area. Due to the environment the Play ground will get extremely hot in the Vegas sun. Other than that it looks really cool.

Really unique playground design, but as stated above, it needs a shade structure to protect it from the sun and keep it from heating up. The swings also look like they are a bit too cluttered together, which could lead to problems.

I think the slide should be lower in height and much safer for the swings. Or maybe, you just have scaled the picture of the kids too small when you were photoshoping them.