HIDDEN LINE NORTHWEST AERIAL VIEW - As the viewer can see, the northwest aerial view shows what is visible from the intersection of Holly Avenue and Simmons Street. It shows how each section of the park connects with each other and the different elements of the park such as the badminton courts, the hedge maze, and the playground. I have decided on two badminton courts instead a badminton court and a basketball court because a basketball court in its original location would not have allowed fluid access to the bathrooms.


I like the openness and the many areas where children and family's could play. Though there should of been more shade structures for the harmful heat in the summer.

As the comment above stated, Las Vegas' weather gets pretty hot in the summer, exactly when kids get out of school and play outside the most; additional shade structures would be beneficial to both the facade of your park and those who will use them. My other concern is the lack of wheelchair accessible pathways to go from level to level. Overall, a really nice job on incorporating the elements that you did, especially the idea of the living wall.