This is a bird eye view of the pocket park. the center of the park has a sloped hill with a bathroom on the north side. In addition, there are two picnic areas for visitors. The reason for the bathroom to be centered in the park is because it is a important position where people move around and is convenient.


Maybe the restroom could be moved back more because the hill looks like a potential area for children to play in. Moving the restroom can may that area more attractive.

I would definitely consider putting in paths in the open area for people to ride their bikes or as an exercise space.

I like that you have a mix of both open spaces and areas populated with foliage. As for the shade structures, I personally would not have the hole in the roof of the shade structures so that it could shelter the space from rain. Aside from that, great job!

The floor-plan of the park looks very nice! I like how you provided shade and include most elements from a normal park to a pocket park. The recreational area looks very unique as well.