This is the overall floor plan of the pocket park. All of the components of the park are shown in the plan.


Overall, the process of making the design was easy to follow. The Final Soltuion incorporates everything previosly mentioned in the overiview, so the design is very consistent and easy to understand. The design of this park integrates a lot of what a pocket park is. I like the orientation of the whole park because there is space for everyone of any age. There is a good sized playground for children, and the whole spacious design gives the park a more welcoming park for those whoe want to breath a little. This eviden with the balance of the trees and bushes implanted throughout the park. Other than that, I would recommend separating the tables where people would sit at because some may want more space between other families.

This park was designed in a great way and I especially like the symmetry of it! The only complaint I would have is having too much concrete involved, I mean there's no issue with having man-made structures at all, but I feel as though too much of it would take away from the natural aspect of the park, unless you were trying to achieve something else.