A more intimate look within my finished model. The large amount of tables and proper shade makes the park a great setting for parties that are often reserved ahead of time. You can see the pathway leading down towards the play zone, which is surrounded my tables and greenery. It said that the more greenery a park is in possession of, the more visitors that will be drawn in. Besides greenery and its capacity for maintaining an active park, greenery is also good for sustainable design as well (so long as the plants are native of course!). It is important to be aware of the surrounding environment, and how to give more than what a design may take away. The park's previous design lacked an abundance of greenery, particularly flowers. I took it upon myself to add this much needed green. It is believed that back in time, Neanderthal era, the anatomically modern human grew around much flora, and this is why we as a species appreciate greenery more on an innate level. By naturally integrating greenery, more visitors will feel welcome to indulge themselves in this natural haven of relaxation.