The Arboretum pulls people together to view the arboreal beauty grown in the park, and to allow them to experience a peaceful setting in which they can relax and appreciate the surrounding nature. The Arboretum focuses on water conservation, utilizing efficient landscaping designs allows locals to save water. Bubblers or drip emitters are placed accordingly for trees and shrubs, allowing for low volume, deep soakings. The Arboretum houses trees that grow well in hot desert climates.


I like the idea of your park, however, I do think that there are too much "green" in the park. Having trees, grass, bushes is important but I do feel like it's a bit overwhelming in this park.

True, that there is a lot of green life in the park, but if you look at the aerial view in "developing solutions", there is also an equal amount of hardscapes, concrete, wood, and seating as well. I have studied the area and found that there aren't too many "green spaces" around the Art District, thus I found it necessary to add vegetation and plants in the park. As you've said, having trees, grass, and bushes are integral - and that's why I've created the Arboretum. This way, the vegetation that is placed serves more than just one function; instead of just being aesthetically appealing, visitors can also learn more about the indigenous plants of the valley, enjoy the fruit-bearing trees that aren't too commonly seen in the city of Las Vegas, and allow them a place of relaxation from the bustle of the city.