This is a side view of my park. As you can see I do not wish that the trees look identical. Identical is too orderly and safe. The different trees will add more personality to my park. Also, I want the children to become aware that trees like everything else comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes. On the left is the plentiful waterfall that will aid in blocking the view of the cars as well as block the noise. p.s There is a possibility that the waterfall will have live fish where children can feed them and learn about marine organisms.


One of my concerns would be how high the beehive like structure is, compared to the trees located around the structure. I am not sure if the portions sizes were intentional, but I feel that trees of that proportion is not reasonable. Also with the overall slides for the final design, I would have liked to see the actual inside views other then aerial and outside views.

This is a very cool beehive structure, in a way it reminds me of something Santiago Calatrava would do. As a comment mentioned before, my concern does have to with the scale of it as well.