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If you're a teen - in a school class or on your own at home - who loves to think about architecture and design, then DiscoverDesign is for you.

The Chicago Architecture Foundation created DiscoverDesign as a digital space for you to explore buildings, gain new architectural skills, solve your own design problems, share your ideas, get feedback, and connect to an online community of other teens, teachers, and design professionals around the world.

Visit the DiscoverArchitecture section for inspiration and design ideas on new green schools around the country. Check out video interviews with the architects and see their sketches, photos, drawings, and models. Watch digital model animations and learn about the design process they worked through.  

Then, choose a real-world challenge to redesign your own school.  Throughout the design process, you can post your own photos, digital models, animations, architectural drawings, videos, and text. 

Along the way, architecture, engineering and design profesionals who are volunteering as online mentors may provide feedback on your project.  Leave comments and feedback about others students' projects in the Student Gallery.

We hope you'll jump right in!  Explore the site, create a user account, and a start a design project today.   

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