Badge Overview

Earn badges for almost anything -- learning, activities, skills and more.

What is a Badge?

Badges are digital records of your accomplishments. Document and track your journey to becoming a better designer with badges.

Why Do I Want Badges?

It’s good to be recognized. Badges show your accomplishments to your peers, educators and potential employers. But more importantly, use badges to track your progress as a designer and inspire others to follow your path.

How Do I Apply for a Badge?*

Apply for badges by completing projects on and becoming an active participant in our community. Three types of badges are:

Status Badges:

Start at the Maker level when you create a account. From there, level up to Tinkerer, then on to Apprentice and, finally, Designer. Earn by doing more projects, gaining more Skill Badges and getting Community Cred points.

Skill Badges:

Earn by showing your work to mentors who recognize your skills in photography, research, digital model making, physical model making, hand sketching and construction drawing. (A mentor might be a teacher, an architect you know, a program facilitator at an organization, or any grown up who can speak to your skills and has set up a Mentor account [more info coming soon] on

Community Cred Badges:

Earn for commenting, liking, following, and more. These highlight your participation in the community.

Click on the bars below to learn more about all of the badges you can earn. Once you start a design project and upload media sharing your design process, you will be able to apply for badges. Come back to this page to apply for the badge that best represents your work. Mentors are waiting to approve your badges!

*Students wanting to apply for badges need to be verified before applying. The verification process may take some time before you can begin applying for badges. If you can't apply now, check back later!

Status Badges

Status Badges

Start with beginner-level projects and continue making truly unique and meaningful work. As you “level up” with badges, you will develop skills in all stages of the design process. Along the way, you will be collaborating with others in the community.


Start here! If you have created a account, then you are already a Maker, ready to begin new projects, earn skill badges and become part of the community. If you haven’t made an account, create one now.

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Once you have explored the design process and tried new skills, it’s time to level up. Tinkerers develop creative solutions with confidence. They also contribute to the community on a consistent basis by following others’ work and giving feedback.

To earn this badge you need to:

  • - Complete at least one project, any size
  • - Earn one or more Skill Badges in any category
  • - Comment on other users' work through
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Are you becoming an expert in the design process? Are you developing at least one specialized skill and trying out others? Apprentices act like active members of, and mentors recognize their deeper architectural knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities.

To earn this badge you need to:

  • - Complete at least one small and one medium project
  • - Earn two or more Skill Badges in any category
  • - Level up in at least one Skill Badge, any category
  • - Maintain a Level 1 Community Cred Badge
  • Remember, you must have Tinkerer status before you can apply for this badge.

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Are your top-notch skills ready for recognition? Designers tackle complicated projects and stay active in the community. Mentors notice their multiple specialized skills, and how they are using them to solve tough problems. Also, big step: This badge qualifies Designers to mentor peers.

To earn this badge you need to:

  • - Complete at least one small, one medium and one large project
  • - Earn three or more Skill Badges in any category
  • - Level up to a Level 3 Skill Badge in at least one category
  • - Level up in your Community Cred badge

Remember, you must have Apprentice status before you can apply for this badge.

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Skill Badges

Skill Badges

Great designers are always learning. Where are you, on your journey to becoming a design professional? These badges help you understand all you have learned and where you are going, while inspiring others around you to keep striving for new skills too.

Photography is a technical skill that architects, planners, and designers use to communicate their ideas to others. This Skill Badge is awarded to Makers that use photos to document their process, thinking, and for presenting ideas. Mentors are looking for different things in each level – Apply for this badge.

Note: Photography Skill Badges do not include screen captures or .JPEGs saved from your digital models. To earn a badge with images of your digital work see Digital Model Making Skill Badges.

Design relies on visual skills, but communication skills are just as important. Writing enables designers to share their ideas with others in clear, persuasive ways. Master the art of writing, and you will have more people on your side to make projects happen. – Apply for this badge.

Great design starts with thoughtful research. How will your design solve a problem? What are the needs of the people and environment who will be affected? Ask questions, use your camera and sketch pad or even go outside and observe. This is often part of the “Collect Information” phase of the design process. – Apply for this badge.

Digital models can help you figure out if your solutions are on the right track and showcase them when you are done. Pay attention to details and stay curious about all that digital tools have to offer. Digital model making is often part of the “Brainstorm” and “Develop Solutions” phases of the design process.– Apply for this badge.

Design professionals use physical models to develop and test their ideas so they can then showcase and explain those ideas to others. Why not just use digital models? Sometimes, as the saying goes, seeing is believing. Whether it is about testing out a creative idea or helping a client understand your solution, physical models can be valuable tools. Physical models are often part of the “Brainstorm” and “Develop Solutions” steps of the design process. – Apply for this badge.

Hand-sketching is one of the most universal and powerful techniques that a design professional can learn. You can carry a sketchbook wherever you go to brainstorm new ideas, and then use those sketches to communicate ideas before making models. More advanced sketches can be used throughout the design process, from “Brainstorm” to “Feedback”. – Apply for this badge.

Construction drawings are used to build your project in the real world. Professional markings communicate where and how things should be built. Drawings may show elevation, depth or multiple views of a design. Construction drawings are invaluable throughout the building process, whether they are used to understand a building’s position on its land or show crews where to dig the first hole and how deep it should be. – Apply for this badge.

Earn Community Cred points by "liking" other users’ comments or work, following other users, starting projects, and more. Participate and you will be rewarded with Community Cred. – Apply for this badge.