Dominic's Bedroom Design


Window(s): 1 large window (faces into bedroom eastward), there is only direct light in the afternoon to evening but is still bright during the day

Furniture in room currently: (2) Nightstands, (1) Treasure chest (TV stand), (1) Queen sized bed

Lighting: (2) Lamps, (1) Overhead ceiling fan/light

Room material: Drywall walls and ceiling, thick carpeting

Types of Bedroom's: Mine is standard sized compared to the Master and Game room(which are greater sized), there's 1 window per room minus the game room (has 3 separate windows and has double doors then single doors) and the doors allow minimum room design complications (except for the closet doors which need more room to open fully) and is in close distance to bathrooms.

Surrounding streets: My room is located in the front of the house and has a clear view of a street corner, it is typically quiet due to it being a new neighborhood.

Sun location: the sun rises from 1 side of the house and passes over it to the other side.