I want my part to be unique and funky. So I researched different kinds of chairs. The first chair on the top left will be the same shape as the chairs that will be hanging from the pavilion. They are sort of in the shape of a rain drop. The one on the right has repitition of a bending circlar shape. Nature loves rounded objects, which is why the shape of this chair would fit perfectly. Also, it looks very comfortable and people can lie down and soak in the sun, while reading. The chair on the bottom left is also circular just as many shapes in nature are circular, which is why this chair also fits well. The last chair is not circular, but is pointed and has a form that resembles a starfish or sea life creature, which matches with the theme of the waterfall I have. ing ways to express form and function by using shapes found in nature. These chairs will be a good idea for the children that go to the school near my park. The other three chairs will be on the ground so they can be easily accessible to the senior citizens that live nearby in the senior home.