This is a rendering of what people would see when they first enter the pocket park.


This view is really nice, I can pretty much see everything in the park and still the front of it.

The pocket park is nice, but there is a lack of shade, so if more shade structures and trees were added that would help the people from the sun beaming down upon them.

Like the creatively behind the wall design. Definitely will catch the eye of people walking around the neighborhood, enticing them to make them want to look over the wall.

This is an awesome design, the levels used in the center of the park bring it all together very well. It does lack some shade and the walls around make it feel hidden and cut off from the general public a bit. Still a great design overall, good job.

Love the design of the park, it is creative, different, and gives off an idyllic feel, the only problem i have with it is that i only see one entrance to the park, in my opinion it is nice to have multiple exits in case of an emergency and to let people exit and enter with ease.

I've never really seen the design you made for your entrance, very different and nice! The middle structure is very nice and gives a modern look. I'm quiet curious though, what exactly is the purpose of that hill? It seems like it doesn't really fit in some way, but overall great design!