I couldn't upload my video because of large file size. However, the full version of the video can be watched at https://youtu.be/K4KByCie3Y4 (Youtube) (The video shows the coffee shop that I couldn't upload because of lack of space. The coffee shop is located in the middle leaf of the three main leaves of the shade)


I absolutely love your park! From the shapes of the shades and the landscape to all the materials used, your entire design really evokes a natural feel! Utilizing the stained glass for for both aesthetics as well as ambience was also a very nice touch! Great job!

The only thing I would suggest is to eliminate the grass areas. Since you made water usage a priority in your park, perhaps replacing these softscape with hardscape can make your park more eco-friendly.

You've got a great layout that will fit well inside of the space it would occupy. I think you took account the surround area well in your design; a new downtown, large tech firms, retail zoning.