Pocket Park Design: Wilted Lettuce Park | 2015 National High School Architecture Competition

Due to the climate constraints living in the desert valley of Las Vegas, providing water features to my park would be extremely wasteful. I researched on the website, "www.snwa.com" plants that would be cost effective, easier on water consumption, soil upkeep, and easy to maintain. With these parameters in mind I finally settled on each large tree in my park being an "evergreen". The "evergreen" keeps its leaves all year, require little to no water cutting the park's yearly billings effectively in half, and in addition the amazing trees can resist the intense solar rays in the sweltering summer months. Like the evergreen, the flowers are suited well to the climate in regard to the same parameters of upkeep, sustainability, and cost effectiveness.


I like how you took the time to research plants that will not only be cost effective but also help reduce water consumption and that can survive the harsh local summers.

Nice on researching plants suited for the type of weather the site has and you chose lovely colors to add to the park having a natural colorful look.