INSPIRATION COLLAGE -- These images depict the main inspirations for this pocket park. The parklets of San Francisco are offer a small place in the busy, urban city for people to sit down and rest. Incorporating planters into a lattice wall is an appropriate alternative for a living wall in the hot southern Nevada climate where maintaining many green plants is not practical. The rock garden separating the different sections of the park is a desert alternative to using water. A unique playground such as the one in the Grand Park Playground will attract new visitors because it is different. The main color scheme in all of these inspiration images features greenery and wood, natural elements, which contrast nicely with the "industrial-ness" of the rest of the neighborhood, which is my goal. (Source: Google) Top (L to R): Parklet in Tenderloin District of San Francisco, CA; Lattice wall with planters Bottom (L to R): Rock garden; Grand Park Playground in Los Angeles, CA


You have very nice and creative ideas!!

Wow, this is such an insightful collage, I love all the pictures and details you incorporated into this. :)