Pocket Park Design: Wilted Lettuce Park | 2015 National High School Architecture Competition

Pictured is a photoshopped image in which I used google maps and my REVIT file to create a realistic portrayal of what the front exterior of "Wilted Lettuce" would possibly look like. The use of walking pedestrians, shadows, and cars assist in showing scale of the park and the everyday aesthetics of the park. Unlike the other models, the trees look a little more life like in this depiction. The taller trees give the park a more secluded and condensed atmosphere.


The idea of having the park feel hidden is original and interesting. It would definitely want to make people go in and see what is inside. The taller trees would add shade and add dimension to your park. However, should you look at the park, it would seem like somewhere you aren't supposed to go into. The hidden aspect is done a little to well as to make the park look like private property with a wall and gate blocking it off from everyone.

The above comment would also be my only concern. Overall though it seems like a very relaxing place to be in, nicely done :)