Above is the selected site plan for the pocket park. It is nestled between two buildings within the Art District of Las Vegas. The two maps below show the lot show the walking distance (for ten minutes) and the biking distance (for ten minutes) from the selected site. I plan on encouraging this area to use bikes as a primary way of transportation, as there are many destinations that can be reached within a ten minute time frame.


This seems like a good location to put a park. Since it is in the Arts District, you could definitely use it as a place for local artist to come show off their work. Also, one of the nice things about this site is that it is relatively sheltered from the elements by the two buildings around it. The only thing that you might have to worry about is that the park may cut off some of the parking spaces for the buildings

Yes! I chose this site because the shape of the lot is really unique, angled and small enough for the guidelines' requirement (less than 14,500 sq. feet). In the final design, I've also included that the mural will be changeable throughout the year - which will encourage local artists to have their works displayed, and etc. I have considered parking, but I have looked more into Google Earth, and the actual complex has more parking in the back, at least more than what this picture shows. (And less parking, may even encourage people to use their bikes instead!)