Using the online library that my Architecture Teacher provided for us (http://www.snwa.com/apps/plant/index.cfml?type=85&new), I was able to research plants that are immune to harsh desert conditions. The Ziziphus jujuba (aka the Chinese Jujube), for example, is a 30-foot deciduous tree, that has glossy bright green leaves that yield small date-like fruits which mature in the fall. Speaking from experience in my own garden, as my father adores these trees and plants them in our own backyard, I can safely say that they do not disappoint when it comes to bearing fruit. Date Palms can overcome the severe climatic conditions that Las Vegas offers. One of the most prolific blooming trees for warm weather climates, the Hong Kong Orchid blooms bright magenta colored flowers. Other examples are the Vitex (also known as the Chaste Tree), the willow, and rose bushes. These nectaring and fruiting trees in the landscape will also be a catalyst for the initiation of new projects that can further contribute to ecological, social, and economic advantages to the community.