18b, The Las Vegas Arts District – a cultural destination in a dynamic downtown neighborhood. The 18b name arises from the original 18 blocks designated as the Las Vegas Arts District, located immediately south of downtown Las Vegas. Today, the area has expanded and continues to grow, offering an urban mix of residential, commercial and cultural uses, including eclectic galleries and studios, shops, eateries and bars. First Friday Las Vegas, is one of the largest arts and culture festivals in the Western United States, is known for bringing people together and will take it a step further at the May celebration by inviting groups of all religions, cultures, races, genders and sexual orientations to come together for an evening of mutual respect and understanding.Through “One World Through Art,” cultural groups can come together in a safe and open forum to break down walls of isolation, promote understanding and ultimately, build a community of trust. The Arts Factory Since the inception of the Arts District, the Arts Factory, housed in a 50-year-old commercial warehouse, has been its geographic and creative center. The conversion of the Arts Factory into a thriving commercial art center started in 1997. Its artists represent a broad range of contemporary and traditional styles, media and interests. The Arts Factory also has provided a unique cultural venue for over 300 musical concerts, poetry readings and live theatrical performances. Street Art Murals Upon arriving at the Arts District, you are surrounded by an outdoor art gallery comprised of vivid and always-changing murals that adorn buildings throughout the community. Created by artists from all over the world, these murals reflect the neighborhood’s vibrant identity, urban vibe and unconventional edge. The main local that I drew information from was 18b, the Las Vegas Arts District. 18b is a bumbling destination in downtown Las Vegas, full of culture, festivities, and art. More specifically, I drew inspiration from 18b's First Friday, Arts Factory, and street art murals. All three sources are a bubbling pot full of culture and personality with a dash of art, yet none of these places promote an eco-friendly environment or a true sense of community.