Pocket Park Design: Wilted Lettuce Park | 2015 National High School Architecture Competition

Lubertha Johnson Park is mostly engulfed in grass. There is a scattered sand trap walled by the grass to provide a safe platform for rough housing in the playground, yet despite its implementation, doesn't always leave kids unscathed. It’s fairly well-managed and there’s always a plethora of activities being hosted in the grass from picnics to community barbecues. When you walk into the park, the first thing thing that comes to your mind is "Shade". The Lubertha Johnson park’s landscape is dotted with an abundance of tall standing trees to provide park-goers a defense from the sweltering summer sun. Despite it's small, densely packed, landscape, there is ample space for the community to congregate. The park provides enough tables under a gazebo for small groups (5-10) of people to host activities. In my experience, Lubertha Johnson Park has been a hot-spot for community birthdays and neighborhood gatherings of all kinds. Although popular, due to the amount of trees on the grass, it’s impossible for the people of the community to take part in pickup games. You can’t throw a football around if there’s a tree in the way and tag just became a lot more treacherous. The park is surrounded by a circular cement sidewalk that has been a popular walk-around spot for older residents and young joggers alike.