6) Retrospect :: Guidance, "A.6 Use of Precedents: Ability to examine and comprehend the fundamental principles present in relevant and to make informed choices regarding the incorporation of such principals into architecture and urban design projects." - NAAB Student Performance Criteria :: The aim of the following retrospection is to list all of the problems and guidelines that will be concerning the next phase, brainstorming, that have been identified in the preceding sections such as Park Description, Precise Location, Standards, etc. The purpose of this comprehensive list is to help the reader understand the current precedents that need attending to. :: I will now list all of the problems and guidelines in their each respective category. Problems: There are no bike racks, The entrance flow is conflicted, There is no water fountain located near the recreational structures, Most of the seating lack proper protection from exposure to the sun. Guidelines: Separate the park into age groups with bushes acting as buffer zones, Allow disabled persons to access the park with ease, Have benches and tables be able to view the recreational structures at all times, Be weary of structures that could crush, shear, entangle, impale, trip, and entrap children, Adhere to the recommended structure measurements when designing new obstacles, Provide trash/ recycling cans.