This perspective of my textured model is oriented towards representing the overall layout of the park, how from the south west corner reaching to its north eastern opposite is a separation of zones: The seating, and the recreational zone. For the reader's convenience, the total landscape of my final project does not exceed the arbitrary lot size predefined earlier. All that is outside this permitted region is colored in a dark, bluish gray. Visitors have been added in most of the renderings to establish a sense of scale.


Wow, great job on the model! I like how the zones are distinct from one another but the overall design still looks pretty complete.

Thanks dlichauco! By differentiating the zones in light of their respective designs, I aimed to design the play zone in a more unique fashion than the seating, as well as help children determine that you play in the recreation zone and rest in the seating zone. This protects those who remain dormant in the seating zone.

While your model looks very well done and interesting, I feel that the overall design is a bit much for a pocket park. The play area especially seems to be more formal than you would expect for children to be running around on. Don't get me wrong, the playground looks amazing, but I do not see that it would capture the interest of young children. It looks more like an art piece to me

This is a really cool disign. I really like how you used your space, it does seem a little busy but it fits. The Playground is a really diffrent design and its great! the distinct areas for everything makes this really people friendly for people of all ages. All the work and consideration for the surrounding shows and i thinks its a fantastic park.

Thank you Katerina219. Relating to the overall design, I actually did not install more nor remove seating (such as tables and benches) that was previously established, but instead largely rearranged them and provided shade. The reason as to exactly why I designed the park the way I have, is because of the constant transition between children entering the recreational zone and children entering the stretch of field behind it. The recreation zone's artistic inclination was definitely wrought by the hand of surreal design. The large structure was designed to attempt to entice children by providing an usual space that is non-existent at home. To determine whether I have achieved this is quite the challenging endeavor, so thank you for your input Katerina219!

Thank you 1009680. I feel the slight busyness is compensated for by both the recreational zone and the stretch of field behind it, hence why I designed the seating the way I did. I aimed to make both the seating and play zone distinct from each other via design to better aid the visitor determine where to rest, and where to play. This serves the visitor's best interest by being aware of their safety.

There are a lot of things stuffed into the small program area, but I think dividing the space so clearly into zones does help this. I also agree with the first comments, some context would really help highlight the design. Consider some solar panels, or signage or making use of the canopies for more than just shading.

Thank you bderoo. Due to the complexity of the site and its pre-existing design, I found it quite difficult to both photoshop the original design out and replace it with the newer version. I have learned that doing so will require a great deal of time, so in the future I will have to set aside an adequate amount of time to properly represent the surroundings (the first step of solving a problem, is to first concede its existence!). As for solar energy, given the shading's position above the play structure, this provides a great opportunity for harnessing the power of the sun. The shading wraps around both sides of the recreational structure, meaning it will always absorb the incoming energy, no matter the position of the sun (except at night of course). The matter of where to store this energy and its uses is a separate but important discussion. Including solar panels would be a very smart move, thank you bderoo! (I apologize for the late response, I needed to take the time to study for my finals)