This angle of the park attempts to demonstrate the literal formatting of the surrounding terrain. Above the park rests Carlton Oaks St., and beyond that a collection of suburban homes. Near the park is a field and basketball courts that are not showcased in this model. The completed design is elaborately developed in a way that allows handicapped visitors to enter, including the gazebo.


The design of the park looks pretty great, but it would have been better to show the surroundings of where the park is located in the model, in order to show how the park fits and flows with the surrounding areas.

I agree with comment above, as I would have also liked to see your park in relation to the surrounding community. Overall though, a very great looking park; I really like how you incorporated universal design into everything, even the gazebo, which I failed to do fully. The pathways are thoughtfully placed, there is sufficient vegetation, and there are uniquely-shaped shading structures. Great job!

I appreciate the input TheWhitbeckExperience and twoflips! Granted the lot I used for my submission already had a pre-existing design, this made it especially hard and time-consuming to represent in my model. As for the incorporation, I felt universal design was a must considering how there are multiple zones at play. To be able to juxtapose which zones are which, the seating and the recreational, I believe would help contribute to the park's overall flow. The vegetation also played a key role in my design, helping draw in more visitors and give back to nature.