The first photo displays a view from above the park, on Carlton Oaks St. Behind the play zone is field that stretches to two basketball courts, which is then next to the local elementary school, "Antelope Hills". When standing on the highest point of the rotunda, where children gain access to the slide, one can overlook the entire park, as well as the valley beyond. I knew to achieve a surreal design, I needed to materialize a tall structure. The one showcased here I feel accomplishes this well.


Awesome design. I really like how you added as much shade as possible to areas with seating.

Thank you eayala! To counter the Southern California heat, I took it upon myself to provide an ample amount of shade to protect both young and old from too much exposure of the sun. The previously existing park lacked heavily in shade, and to complement this new form of protection I felt was a major priority.