"Antelope Hills Park" is home to a variety of flora. Included are three Fern Pine trees, four Western Sycamores, and scattered are Godietas and California Lilacs. All can withstand drought-like conditions exceptionally well, hence why I chose them in favor of others not suited for the unforgiving heat.


It's great that you researched the vegetation and plants that are well-suited for your city's climate. Great rendering!

Thank you timon. For sustainable design, native plants are imperative! The drought-like conditions that define Southern California only allow for an arbitrary palette of greenery that's drought tolerant. As for the rendering, all 3D-models were developed in Sketchup. No actual rendering extension was used, only the source engine's. Due to the minimal specs of my computer (such as the 2 gig RAM! ;__;), I knew my limits when it came to the final renderings. There's things such as bitmaps, lighting fixtures, and a plethora of other intricacies that can be manipulated in other programs, but I settled for Sketchup. I've made it a priority to purchase a new computer that's capable of undertaking the needs of programs such as blender, autoCAD, etc.